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Bergen County Physical Therapy Services in Ramsey NJ

Bergen County Physical Therapy Services | Progressive Spine & Sports Medicine


Physical Therapy is the art and science of using exercise, manual therapy (hands-on treatments) and modalities (ice, heat, stimulation, ultrasound, kinesiotaping and other instruments) to enhance the mobility in the joints, reduce pain, and promote balance and symmetry in the neuromuscular system. The treatments are meant to enhance your own body’s ability to heal itself and help prevent future injury. Progressive Spine & Sports Medicine offers Bergen County Physical Therapy services for the residents of Ramsey, NJ and surrounding areas!

Physical Therapy Helps You Live A Pain-Free Life!

When choosing a Physical Therapist, it’s important to compare services – because not all Physical Therapy is the same. In fact, we created Progressive Spine & Sports Medicine to address the most common complaints we would hear about other physical therapy clinics. We were disappointed to learn that their patients received very little one-on-one time with their therapists. Their 45 minute therapy session would consist of 10 minutes with a heat pack (alone), followed by time on an exercise bike (again, alone), then 5 minutes with the therapist doing simple exercises that could be done at home, and finishing with 10 minutes with an ice pack (you guessed it, alone again).

While that process might be ideal for the therapist, that’s not what we consider constructive and effective care for the patient. So we built a better practice.

Our Hands-On Approach To Physical Therapy

The philosophy at Progressive Spine & Sports Medicine is to take a direct, hands-on approach to therapy – to truly help you achieve your goals. Our Bergen County Physical Therapists work one-on-one with you throughout your Pain Management treatment, so we can be sure you’re making the right progress and getting back to the pain-free life you deserve.

Most importantly, physical therapy is just one part of the unique, integrated team approach between the physicians and the Bergen County Physical Therapists at Progressive Spine & Sports Medicine. When appropriate, we are able to offer a comprehensive treatment plan – without surgery or drugs – all in one office in Ramsey, NJ.

We Offer Customized Physical Therapy For:


  • Sport Injuries
  • Work-Related Injuries and Worker’s Compensation
  • Motor Vehicle Accidents and Collisions
  • Orthopedic Complaints (e.g. Back Pain, Neck Pain, and Joint Pain)
  • Neurologic Conditions (e.g. Stroke, Neuropathy, Traumatic Brain Injury, Parkinson’s Disease, and Spinal Cord Injury)

If you have pain and are looking for a medical office to diagnose and treat you with comprehensive nonsurgical treatment options, call 201-962-9199 or contact our office in Ramsey, NJ for a consultation.


Our Ramsey New Jersey Physical Therapy Clinic Is Open!

If you’d like to learn more about our specific Physical Therapy services, please click on the below links. We look forward to being your #1 nonsurgical solution to pain!

Physical Therapy
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Physical Therapy
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WE OFFER CUSTOMIZED PHYSICAL THERAPY FOR: -Sport Injuries -Work Related Injuries and Worker’s Compensation -Motor Vehicle Accidents and Collisions -Orthopedic Complaints (e.g. Back Pain, Neck Pain and Joint Pain) -Neurologic Conditions (e.g. Stroke, Neuropathy, Traumatic Brain Injury, Parkinson’s Disease, and Spinal Cord Injury)