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The Importance of an Accurate Diagnosis

In order to develop a proper treatment plan, it is essential to first get an accurate diagnosis. Far too often, we see physicians (even those who specialize in pain management) shortcut the diagnosis stage and jump right into a standardized pain treatment. Unfortunately, this approach fails to consider what is actually causing a patient’s pain, and often unnecessarily prolongs the treatment process.

The most common scenario we encounter from this type of approach is with low back pain. Many patients with low back pain and an MRI that shows a herniated disc are told their pain is due to their disc herniation. This is often not true – not all herniated discs cause pain. In fact, numerous studies have shown that 25-75% of adults without back pain will show evidence of a herniated disc in an MRI of their low back. A thorough evaluation of the patient including appropriate diagnostic testing is required to make an accurate diagnosis.

Our Bergen County Physicians Focus on the Root Cause of Your Pain

At Progressive Spine & Sports Medicine, we utilize traditional testing modalities like MRI and x-ray, but combine that with functional diagnostic tools. For example, Electrodiagnositics (EMG/NCS) allows for assessment of the function of the nerves, while Ultrasound allows our physicians to directly visualize a muscle or tendon and observe its motion and anatomy in real time. By incorporating these diagnostic modalities with static images from MRIs and x-rays, we are able to identify the true cause of a patient’s pain and prescribe the right treatment plan. That means you can get back to living pain-free more quickly.

If you are experiencing pain and discomfort, contact our medical offices so we can carefully evaluate your condition and provide you with comprehensive nonsurgical treatment options. Call 201-962-9199 or contact our Bergen County Diagnostic Testing office in Ramsey, NJ for a consultation.


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Diagnostic Testing
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Diagnostic Testing
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At Progressive Spine & Sports Medicine, we utilize traditional imaging modalities like MRI and x-ray, but combine that with functional diagnostic tools.