Better Body Mechanics to Avoid Hip Pain

Better Body Mechanics to Avoid Hip Pain

Our hips, back, and knees bear the brunt of our weight, which makes them some of the first joints to break down with age. Once the degeneration begins, there’s no way to reverse it. However, body mechanics can help you learn how to bear your weight better, taking stress off your hips and preventing unnecessary pain. 

At Progressive Spine and Sports Medicine in Ramsey, New Jersey, our team of experienced pain medicine doctors can help evaluate your hip pain and find ways to reduce progression of damage and mitigate discomfort.

Common causes of hip pain 

Hip pain can have many different causes. Arthritis is possibly the most common cause of hip pain, as age-related wear-and-tear can slowly cause degeneration of the joint or aggravate an old injury. 

Other causes of chronic or acute hip pain can originate from different parts of the hip joint. 

Finally, referred pain from your spine can cause your hip to hurt, which requires the spine to be treated for relief. 

An overview of body mechanics

Body mechanics is the process of using your body in such a way that you can maximize its functionality and reduce risk of injury. When you practice good body mechanics, you adjust your:

Body mechanics means being mindful of how you are using your body at all times.

How body mechanics can help you 

You can minimize the wear-and-tear of everyday life, work, or sports on your body by following body mechanics best practices. For example:

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