Stem Cell Therapy for Chronic Pain

Are you constantly suffering from pain that is resistant to many conservative or traditional treatments? It’s time to embrace the world of regenerative medicine and find out what stem cell therapy can do for your chronic pain. 

Progressive Spine & Sports Medicine is located in Ramsey, New Jersey. Dr. Kevin McElroy and Dr. Steven Ferrer provide regenerative medicine options, including stem cell therapy to treat chronic pain.   

Stem cell therapy basics

Stem cells can not only create more copies of themselves but can also duplicate other types of cells. For years, medical researchers thought that there could be a regenerative benefit to injecting stem cells into the body at the site of injury and pain. 

Over time, more and more evidence points to the fact that stem cell therapy may be able to trigger regeneration, allowing your body to replicate cells of any type thanks to an injection of powerful stem cells.

Stem cells are harvested from your body fat or bone marrow. Your doctor concentrates the stem cells in a plasma, then injects them into the site of your injury or pain. The most common places for injection include the spine, knee, shoulder, elbow, or hip, to provide regenerative healing effects in areas of joint aging and cartilage tears.

Stem cell injections for chronic pain

When it comes to chronic pain, the problem is often degraded tissue causing pressure on nerves. The idea behind stem cell injections is to regenerate tissues, cushioning the nerves, and preventing pain signals from being triggered. 

Another common cause of chronic pain is friction between bones after cartilage wears away. There have been specific research into using stem cell injections for chronic pain in the knee caused by deterioration of the joint. 

In one study, stem cells were injected into the patient’s “worst” knee. Not only did the knee pain improve significantly, but five years later, most patients reported that their better knee was now the one that had been injected, while the other knee had become their worst knee.  

In most cases, stem cell therapy takes about 60-90 minutes to complete. You’ll have virtually no downtime and no side effects except for some possible soreness at the site of extraction. Results may be evident in as little as four to six weeks. You can have your stem cell injections repeated as needed to manage your chronic pain

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