Warning Signs of Whiplash

Warning Signs of Whiplash

An estimated 0.3% of people experience whiplash every year, caused by falls, sports injuries, and accidents. This small percentage adds up to a large number of people -- approximately one million per year. Neck pain caused by whiplash can persist for months, even years. If you’ve recently suffered a fall or accident, recognizing the warning signs of whiplash is the first step to finding treatment. 

At Progressive Spine & Sports Medicine in Ramsey, New Jersey, our team works with you to determine the source of your pain and can provide treatments for whiplash-induced neck pain as well as other spine and cervical injuries.   

Common symptoms of whiplash 

A cervical sprain, commonly caused by whiplash, occurs after a sudden movement that snaps the head back and forth. This can happen many different ways, like during car accidents and falls on the sports field. If you begin experiencing neck pain and other symptoms after accidental trauma, you might be experiencing whiplash. 

Whiplash can vary in intensity, ranging from acute soreness to chronic pain. When the bands of muscle supporting your head are stretched or torn, this can lead to a number of symptoms. These include: 

When to visit a doctor

You should visit a doctor after any serious accident, but even minor falls can cause minor symptoms. Over-the-counter anti-inflammatories, bedrest, and ice are usually enough to soothe mild whiplash. However, persistent neck pain should be taken seriously. If your whiplash symptoms don’t improve after a few days, you might require further treatment. 

Sometimes, severe whiplash can point towards a serious underlying injury. If you experience the following symptoms, visit a doctor immediately: 

Treatment for whiplash 

If you seek treatment for whiplash, your doctor will begin the process by assessing the damage. This might involve a physical examination, bloodwork, and imaging tests. At Progressive Spine & Sports Medicine, our team offers the following treatments for neck pain: 

Dr. McElroy and Dr. Ferrer specialize in treating neck pain and can diagnose the extent of your whiplash. From there, they will work together with you to put together a treatment plan that addresses your needs. 

Recently suffered a car accident? Suffering from neck pain? Get in touch with the team at Progressive Spine & Sports Medicine to learn more about whiplash. You can schedule a consultation by calling 201-201-0443 or requesting an appointment online

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