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Sclerotherapy Treatment at Progressive Spine & Sports Medicine

The board-certified physicians at Progressive Spine & Sports Medicine are proud to announce the addition of Sclerotherapy treatments at our Ramsey, New Jersey location. Sclerotherapy is a scientifically proven medical process that is used to eliminate varicose veins and spider veins using small injections into the blood vessels. 

What is Sclerotherapy?

We offer Sclerotherapy to treat spider veins and other unappealing veins. This form of therapy usually follows Radiofrequency Ablation to ensure improved functionality and presentability of your legs. An injection of saline or similar solutions directly into the vein will irritate the blood vessel causing swelling. This swelling helps to close the vein and allow rerouting of the blood to other vessels. Over time, these closed veins will disappear. 

How Long Does Sclerotherapy Take?

The Sclerotherapy process is fairly quick. The procedure takes anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour depending on the patient, the number and location of affected veins as well as your own personal medical condition. 

Does My Insurance Pay For Sclerotherapy?

 Most insurance companies will pay for Sclerotherapy! Contact us today to discuss.


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