Reduce Your Pain and Inflammation with FluidFlow™

Reduce Your Pain and Inflammation with FluidFlow™

Stubborn pain and inflammation that keep you away from the field, court, or track can be frustrating and threaten to derail your career. Fluid Flow™ leverages the power of amniotic fluid to promote healing and reduce inflammation.

At Progressive Spine & Sports Medicine in Ramsey, New Jersey, Dr. Kevin McElroy and Dr. Steven Ferrer offer Fluid Flow Therapy to help speed healing and improve performance for athletes struggling with recovery from an injury or joint overuse.

Fluid Flow therapy (FFT)

Fluid Flow therapy is considered to be a type of regenerative medicine, which is based on boosting your body’s own natural healing capabilities with holistic healing factors produced by the human body. 

A more familiar version of regenerative medicine is the use of platelet-rich plasma, which attracts growth factors to an injured area to speed healing and reduce pain. FFT is the next step up from PRP, utilizing amniotic fluid from an approved donor to naturally boost the healing process. 

The process

Amniotic fluid is harvested from a recently delivered placenta. This fluid contains: 

The amniotic fluid is developed into an allograft, which is a tissue graft from another person or in this case from a placenta, then injected at the site of the injury or pain. At Progressive Spine & Sports Medicine, we only use allografts engineered by BioLab Sciences, a third-party company. BioLab Sciences screens their donors carefully for amniotic fluid safety, then terminally sterilizes the obtained fluid to reduce infectious disease risks.

FFT Benefits

Amniotic liquid allografts have been shown to be helpful for joint pain when steroid injections have failed. Like many other regenerative therapies, FFT is useful in addressing multiple types of old and recent sports injuries, chronic conditions like tendonitis, bursitis, or fasciitis, osteoarthritis, and injuries to soft tissues.

These injections are also beneficial when used for non-athletes, such as patients who have suffered an injury because of trauma from an accident or fall. This therapy is safe for the young and for the old, including seniors. FFT is covered by many insurance plans, including Medicare.

Since the amniotic fluid is recovered from a delivered placenta, there are no ethical concerns; the placenta and amniotic fluid are natural birth by-products, and all donors willingly consent to have the fluid extracted before the placenta is discarded as medical waste. 

Interested in more information about amniotic allograft injections? Our team at Progressive Spine & Sports Medicine can help diagnose the source of your pain and determine if FFT is a viable treatment option for you. To schedule your consultation, call 201-201-0443, or request an appointment online.

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