Office Staff

Tonimarie Gaudioso

Tonimarie Gaudioso

We are delighted to introduce you to our remarkable Front Desk Coordinator, Tonimarie, the heart and soul behind the warm welcome and seamless organization you experience when you step into Progressive Wellness.

With an unwavering passion for helping patients achieve their health goals, Tonimarie brings a unique blend of dedication and compassion to our practice. Her commitment to facilitating a seamless experience for each individual shines through every interaction, making her an indispensable part of our team.

Beyond her role at Progressive Wellness, Tonimarie dons another set of hats with equal grace and commitment. As a devoted mother, she understands the importance of balance and well-being in one's life. Her nurturing nature extends beyond the walls of our practice, as she finds joy in supporting her family's journey to health and happiness.

Tonimarie 's heart is also deeply connected to our furry friends. An ardent animal lover, she champions the cause of compassion and care for all creatures. This empathy and kindness translate seamlessly into her interactions with patients, creating an environment where everyone feels understood and valued.

When Tonimarie steps into our office, she brings her A-game and effervescent energy that lights up every room she enters. Her positivity is infectious, creating an atmosphere where patients feel not just welcomed but truly embraced.

If you are greeted with a genuine smile and a caring presence as you step through our doors, know that Tonimarie is the driving force behind that warm reception. We are incredibly fortunate to have her as the first point of contact for our valued patients, and we are confident that her dedication and beautiful energy will enhance your experience with Progressive Wellness.

Join us in celebrating Tonimarie 's commitment to making a positive impact on your health journey. Her genuine care and radiant spirit are testaments to the values we hold dear at Progressive Wellness.